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Astream Global Server Network
Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Server Deployment & Management
Primary and secondary DNS
Domain name registration
IP address allocation

Broadband & Multicast Enablement
 Network monitoring & Failover
One call resolution of customer issues

Data Center 1

Astream’s Technical Offices are
located at Data Centres:
London, New York and LA.

Collocation and Bandwidth available from multiple networks in 1 Mb allocations.

Multiple ethernet Ports burstable up to 1 Gb.

We have POPs &  Multiple Data Centres located world-wide for your collocation and bandwidth needs (staffed 24/7/365).

The ISPA monitored our server delivery 24/7 against other streaming providers and we were judged to be the best 2 years in a row.

Our server delivery was tested on:

  • Availability
  • Start-up time
  • Non-playing time
  • Rebuffering time
  • Bandwidth
  • Packet loss
  • Packet out of order
  • Non cached download speed
Astream offer Bandwidth On Demand, burstable to 1,000MB per port, we have multiple ports globally and in multiple data centres in different countries. We now provide Storage On Demand via our multi terabyte storage arrays. We also provide internet connectivity via 2 way IP based Satellite uplinks for webcasting from remote locations where a fixed line is not possible.

To support the demands of the next generation of applications requires an infrastructure that can cope with huge growth, coupled with world class streaming infrastructure.

We operate using HP servers with 64bit Dual Core and Quad Core Xeon Chips, storage arrays and redundant power supplies.

HP Rack Servers Uncontended Tier 1 ISP bandwidth
Primary Europe POP Moreland Street, London
Primary East Coast POP Hudson Street, NY
Primary West Coast POP One Wilshire, LA
3ms Round Trip Delay to LINX
80ms Round Trip Delay to USA
5% Jitter (Delay Variation)
Connection to MaNap (Manchester)
Public Peering with 90+ UK ISPs
– Connections to all major UK ISPs: BT, Wanadoo, Easynet
Public Peering with 600+ ISPs
– e.g Yahoo, AOL, Time Warner Cable, Covad

Our Network providers Global Crossing, Savvis, Fibernet, Telianet, PCCW and Qwest, interconnect directly with all Tier 1 Backbone providers. These providers carry approximately 85 – 95% of all Internet traffic. We have access to over 600 public peers and 28 Gbps of dedicated peering capacity with over 500 networks peered privately.

These providers carry approximately 85 – 95% of all Internet traffic. We have access to over 500 peers and 28 Gbps of dedicated peering capacity in North America and over 600 peer networks connected. With more than 1000 Gbps of global peering capacity they have the best connected IP network in the world. They have unmatched scalability, and ability to rapidly increase core backbone and interconnect capacity to every IP network node.

Our providers operate a vast intercity network infrastructure as well as metropolitan networks in 125 cities. The metro networks connect Tier 1 network data centers to key traffic aggregation points in each market. The strong global presence spans North America, EU and APAC including an aggressive expansion of Asian presence in 2008.

FiberNet Telecom Group owns and operates integrated interconnection facilities and multihomed diverse transport routes, designed to provide comprehensive broadband interconnectivity enabling the exchange of traffic over multiple networks. This customised connectivity infrastructure provides an advanced, high bandwidth, fiber-optic solution to support the demand for network capacity and to facilitate the interconnection of multiple carriers and customer networks.

Our mutliple global Internet connections are fully fault tolerant, fibre optic links that run in a multiple ring topology. Your audio & video content is hosted on redundant servers in state-of-the-art secure globally placed Data Centres which contain 24/7 security and support, palm scanners, uninteruptable power supplies, independent power generators, full fire suppression and air flow / humidity control.

Astream are specialists in immediate deployment of servers, even out of hours, at weekends or bank / public holidays. Urgent streaming services and emergencybackup and redundant systems. For example you may be in the middle of a live webcast and need additional capacity: email or call us for immediate purchase and instant deployment of servers to increase your capacity globally or just as a backup. e.g Helix Servers, Windows 2003 Servers, Darwin Quicktime Servers, Linux Fedora Servers, RedHat Linux Servers, Shoutcast Servers, Nullsoft Servers, MySQL database Servers, Flash Servers, Live and Video On Demand Streams.

FiberNetGlobal CrossingSAVVISPCCWQwest

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