Video Streaming Hosting Special Offer


Hosting Special Offer

To celebrate the launch of our new eShop we are giving away these free gifts to anyone who buys a new Video Hosting package for themselves or their company.

Astream packages include all formats. We have a policy of NO OVERAGES plus no overbilling or unexpected charges. If you exceed the package quota you will simply be asked to move up to the next package the following month.

To claim: Add your request to the notes in the eShop when you place your order or send us an email.

Go to the Astream eShop to claim your gift.

Astream are flash video hosting specialists.


32GB USB Keychain

Flash drive
example only – product may differ
Video ipod
Video ipod
example only – product may differ
Playstation portable

Playstation Portable PSP

example only – product may differ

Playstation 3

Playstation 3
example only – product may differ

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