Video Hosting – Cadbury Gorilla Video Campaign

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Cadbury’s Gorilla Campaign hosted by Astream

The original picked up a Black Pencil, film Grand Prix and was the most talked about commercial on TV at the time.

A Glass and a Half Full Productions have remixed ‘Gorilla’ and done a follow up ‘Airport Trucks’.

Astream delivered 2 Million unique video views globally in the first two weeks of the campaign. Astream is proud to have Cadbury as one of their customers, delivering many millions of unique video views globally for the Gorilla commercial.

Astream also pioneered Live Video Virals. Streaming for brands including Coca-Cola, Sony, Citroën and St.Lukes.

Flash Streaming 450 Kbps

Cadbury's Gorilla Flash

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Windows Media Streaming 450 Kbps

Cadbury's Gorilla Windows Media

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