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"Give the internet a face! Put an attractive virtual host on your Web site who will talk
personally to each visitor, passing your message directly and persuasively. Your customers will
remember you and return."


Short intro: 1:49
Narrowband : narrowband

Windows Media

Whole intro: 4 mins
Broadband : broadband

Windows Media 700k

Whole Intro: 4 mins
Dual ISDN – Midband : midband
Windows Media

Streaming protects your content because it is only played back to the user’s machine and
not downloaded onto it. You can control who watches what, how, where and when. Unlike a download
when the content is delivered permanently and can then be redistributed. Astream specialise
in all aspects of internet streaming media. Solutions can be provided for either corporate or
consumer needs. We can encode and host entire archives so that they can be accessed on demand.

The above Windows Media examples are one of the legacy formats. Flash H.264/AAC mp4 videos are now the most popular streaming formats since they can be played back in flash player on the web or streamed to iPhone/iPad, Android and other devices.

encoding services

Our 24/7 encoding facility equipped with the latest technology to
enable you to stream pre-recorded audio and video content on the internet.
We produce high quality streaming media files in all
All videos are captured full screen and pre-processed. Additional editing
is available if needed eg. adding titles or logos. Prices for encoding
start at £5.50 per minute and decrease according to the number
of minutes contracted. Audio prices start at £ 2.50 per min. Your
content can be protected by Digital Rights Management – please enquire.
Mobile streaming – Astream encode videos to the technical specifications
necessary for all mobiles.
Fully compliant DVD masters £500 for 1 hr DVD with multiple chapter
points and graphics.
Flash encoding is also available.

hosting services

Video On Demand hosting accounts are available for clients who do
not wish to have their own dedicated streaming servers but encode their
own videos. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts are available.
Hosting packages start at £25 per format per month (QuickTime).
Our UK servers are on the internet backbone therefore offer maximum
connection speeds.
NB We also offer Flash Video hosting – please enquire.

Media files are stored on server clusters that are connected to a TIER1, fully redundant
private worldwide network. Scalable Gigabit bandwidth is offered to accommodate any size audience.
Our partnerships enable us to provide 100% SLAs. Servers constantly monitored

Visit our eShop for your Streaming Media Hosting Requirements

video editing

Using the latest digital capturing and real-time editing tools, our professional video editors
will add titles, subtitles, crossfades, wipes, colour adjustments or other effects to enhance
your videos. We will pixelate small areas to disguise identity if needed. Sound can be added,
modified and enhanced using our special equipment. Royalty free music and sound effects are
also available. There is a transfer to tape option for the final video.

live webcasts

Customised mobile encoding units will be sent to your live event location to produce the
best possible quality live webcast. We will advise on the necessary internet connection to transmit
a signal to our streaming server farm and discuss with you how many formats and streams will
be needed for the expected audience. If it is not possible to use a land line then a satellite
uplink can be provided. Our large Web Studio can be used for any shoots and the creation of
Net Radio and TV Channels.

Net TV and Net Radio
  If you have a venue or studio from which you would like to produce live webcasts frequently
then Astream will install a resident encoding station for you. The top spec encoder would be
configured to integrate seamlessly with your existing audio/video equipment. 24/7 Support and
training are available for this service. Suitable for Net TV and Net Radio Stations.
audio/video production and presentations



Our camera crew can come to your business location and record content for seminars,
conferences, training, new product launches, and any information that needs to be widely disseminated
in an efficient and compelling manner. Video and PowerPoint presentations can be distributed to
an audience world-wide with complete privacy and security (encryption). Alternatively the video
can be added to the public website to reach existing or potential customers.
custom media player



A custom media player Real Player Example
can be created for your streaming clips. The player does not require additional
downloading or plugins and can reflect your company’s brand identity.
Custom SMIL development and Re-skinning is also available. Clip information,
animations, hypertext links, e-commerce / DRM options and advertising
can be included in the player.

A free Flash player is provided for our Live and Video on Demand customers.

web cameras



WebCams are a cost-effective solution to sending real-time images
over the internet. You can show views of a scenic spot or monitor current
weather conditions on location. Also extremely useful for remote security.
The video can be recorded digitally in our secure data centre. Prices
from £1,000 for the latest cameras which can plug into any Internet

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