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Astream Streaming Video Case Study

Drum and Bass TV

With conventional TV broadcasting and advertising looking increasingly expensive and untargeted, Astream are creating end-to-end Web TV channels that enable the client to engage their brand with niche audiences. DnBTV started with live Windows Media but switched to Live Flash flv Streaming because this suited their website design and audience better.

Launch Objectives

To indirectly monetize ownership of existing archive of video content, combined with production of live events, helping grow brand and increase associated sales i.e. sell more MP3s

  • Build 100% owned archive of valuable / unique video content
  • Create new programming to maintain a relationship with new end users and stay ahead of the ‘buzz’
  • Leverage celebrity DJs and MCs reputations for sponsorship opportunities and bespoke content creation
  • Syndicate some content on the basis that it contains DBTV branding and spreads our message
  • Create an unassailable position for competitors to catch up due to the ever increasing catalogue of events and video content
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Facts and Future

    • 8 live events per month, gradually moving up to 12 events per month
    • Each event using top DJs e.g. Goldie, Alix Perez, DJ Rap, DJ Hype etc.
    • Live events uniquely using multiple cameras, picture in picture, and green screen technology
    • Increase interaction with end user by adding chat functionality, ‘shout outs’ and ‘DJ requests’
    • Increase interviews with ‘stars’ at live events to build valuable archive
    • Introduce text short codes that send video stream straight to mobile phones
    • Introduce scheduling like traditional broadcasting and deliver as an IPTV channel
    • Extend programming to ‘no repeat’ 24/7 programming
    • Sell offline version of content e.g. DVDs of events, to further promote brand and offset production costs
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