Astream was founded in 1999.
We offer clients the latest products, gadgets & technology in the space.

Astream is the Winner of several awards over a multi year period.

Epitiro independently tested us for several months each time from various different locations, including on product offering and customer service.

Our CEO is a well known expert and consultant in the industry since 1996 and speaks at conferences and events globally.

Some notable milestones :

  Astream Wins another Award for the 3rd year in a row!
  Astream is selected for the SM Dream Team
  Astream speak at Broadcast Video Expo, Earls Court
  Astream at the New York TV Festival
  Astream Wins another Award
  Astream Exhibition at IPTV Forum
  Astream speaks at Video Forum at London’s Earls Court
  Astream speaks at Digital Hollywood
1999 Astream founded

One thought on “Leading Global Technology Provider

  1. Yeah seriously,
    We do need a service provider that offers end to end solutions,
    going to different vendors for different things is a headache and businesses are not willing to take that.

    Astream Pro offering is bliss.

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