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Video Hosting – Live Webcast rates GBP

Stream Prices Rate Card USD
      Video Hosting - Stream Prices Rate Card GBP

Web TV prices Net Radio prices

Live Webcasting :

Live internet broadcasting for special events can be stressful. Astream help to remove the stress by giving you all the advice and support you need both in advance at the testing stage and during the webcast if you are producing it yourself. We can also do all the production for you and remove the stress altogether.

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Live Webcasting services:
Live Broadcast (Video)
1 hour
Additional hours
Live video hosting for up to:    
100 simultaneous streams £100 £50
500 simultaneous streams £300 £150
1000 simultaneous streams £400 £200
2000 simultaneous streams £600 £300
3000 simultaneous streams £800 £400
5000 simultaneous streams £1,000 £500
10000 simultaneous streams £1,500 £750
100000 simultaneous streams £4,000 £2,000
500000 simultaneous streams £15,000 £7,500
1000000 + simultaneous streams Call Sales
Live Webcasting Services – bit rate up to 500 Kbps (call sales for 750Kbps+)
Live Audio is half the video price
Reduced pricing for multiple events or long term agreements –
e.g. Live Net Radio @ £100 per month for 100 simultaneous streams
e.g. Live 24/7 Web TV @ £700 per month for 100 simultaneous streams

Useful Bandwidth Calculator

Live Production services:
Onsite encoding with webcast producer and road encode system
 Day Rate 
1 stream
2 streams (including backup)
3 streams (including backup or additional format)
Live Production
Live Video production: x 2 camera shoot (includes crew)  
1 full day
Live Production
Live Video production: x 3 camera shoot (1 extra crew)  
1 full day
Outside Broadcast Van with satellite uplink capabilities – £2000 per day
All prices exclude VAT.


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