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Streaming Media
“Streaming Media is the
delivery of Audio and Video
over the Internet in a view or listen
as you download format”

Why is streaming better than progressive download?

Streaming your media compared to progressive download delivery, allows for Live as well as Video On Demand viewing. It provides a high quality user experience with quick playback and rapid seek to any point.
It can protect and monetise your content and significantly reduce your bandwidth costs.

Clients of Astream have reported that, after the introduction of streaming video to their websites the volume of ‘hits’ to their sites has increased far beyond their expectations. One client reported a x37.5 increase!

Astream Explains Streaming Media:

Streaming media is the broadcast of audio and video over the Internet in a view or listen in real-time format. With a potential audience of Billions and broadband available almost everywhere, the Internet is now the number one broadcasting medium. Astream exists to provide you with the ability to use this new medium from concept to delivery. We provide you with the global infrastructure and unrivaled technical expertise for all your streaming needs from Net Radio to Live Event broadcasts. We can help you turn your website into an Web TV station even using Pay Per View and subscription services.

Flash Video StreamingFlash Video streaming has overtaken other formats in popularity for streaming video hosting, live web streaming and streaming to mobile devices and phones. Astream provide all the extra help that may be needed to stream Flash Video successfully.

Adobe claim that Flash content has reached most internet viewers: Flash Player Statistics

We have extensively used Windows Media Technology and we are pleased to continue to be able to offer live webcasts and On Demand video hosting and encoding services in this format unlike other providers.

Info on Codecs You can now enable Windows Media player to play new formats.

In spite of many rivals Windows Media is the preferred format for Corporate Live Webcasts due to desktop restrictions on the Flash player install. We also offer delivery to the Microsoft Silverlight client as well.

Astream has the technology to provide a full spectrum Streaming Media Solution. Previously recorded video and audio can be edited, encoded and hosted for clients. Our services are tailored to customers individual needs and preferences and we encode your media content for optimal flexibility using a range of digital formats. Live webcasting is our specialty – your private ‘in house’ seminar can be viewed in your branch offices by a restricted audience throughout the world or alternatively your public concert can reach millions. Live webcasts can be archived for later access. We also have a large Web studio which can be hired for special web events, recordings and broadcasts.

Astream was one of the first Streaming companies to offer unparalleled quality from narrowband all the way to HD. By providing dramatically improved compression over previous generation technologies we can reduce bandwidth costs while enabling high quality, rich media experiences — at any bit rate and on any device.

Your content can be delivered as it happens – as a live webcast on multiple screens and devices.

Truly massive broadcasts of Audio and Video over the internet have been made possible by recent advances in technology.
It’s now possible to view events as they are happening in ‘real time’ on any device. The video is delivered from highly redundant CDN storage arrays and viewed from servers all around the world depending on your viewers location. This ‘stops the buffering’ and enhances the quality of the user’s experience.

Webcasting over the Internet is similar to broadcasting but uses special technology to reduce the size of the digital media being sent. There is also the potential to reach a much wider audience than with a normal TV channel – Last year millions of people downloaded Video Players adding to the largest video audience in the world. (HTML5, Flash for FLV and H.264, VLC, Windows Media Player, QuickTime and even RealPlayer enable people to view streamed videos and are free to download). This makes it very a very attractive medium to advertisers and sponsors. Some large corporations with a global presence have already realised the cost effectiveness of Streaming Media and are using this method of communication for conferences, seminars and training.

Privacy can be ensured by password & referrer protection or your content can be protected by server to player encryption or even Digital Rights Management.

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