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Live 24/7 video and audio broadcasting using streaming media over the Internet. This is charged according to the maximum number of users the online TV channel expects at any one time. The range of simultaneous viewers and the prices are shown below. Full statistical breakdown of your viewers, where they come from, how long they watch what etc. is also included.

Formats: Real, Windows Media, Flash or QuickTime.

Streaming Broadcast Servers

Onsite Encoding:
Video/Audio Encoder

An Encoder used to compress the video and audio signal is an important piece of equipment. To purchase custom built outright from us is $1250.

Description QTY Unit Cost

Dedicated Astream super video & audio encoder
Intel Core CPU 2GHz
2TB SATA Hard Disk
4GB RAMbr />AGPx4 2GB DDR Video
IEEE 1394 Firewire card 400Mbps DV
4xUSB, InfraRed, TV-In/Out, S/P DIF Digital Audio

Weight: 3.2Kg

Also included:
Mini Switch
Tie Clip Mic
Web Cam

All Encoding software is pre-installed
24/7 support (1 yr)













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